1Life Direct

1Life Direct was established in 2006 and offers direct, broker free products which saves you both time and money and you can benefit from life insurance without the requirement of a medical exam. A well established call centre as well as internet access allows you to receive quotes in an efficient, hassle free manner. 1Life Direct is owned by a muliti-national company called Budget Holdings Limited (BHL) but is well established in South Africa and tailored to the needs of the South African market.

The products offered by 1Life Direct are listed below:

Pure Life Cover

There are two options when taking out Pure life cover, these include 1Life Basic and 1Life Elevated.

  • 1Life Basic pays as much as R200 000 to your nominated beneficiaries should you die. It can be taken out for a number of years or whole life and immediately covers accidental death. The cover is level sum assured which means that the amount for which you are covered will remain the same while you have an active policy and the terminal illness benefit will pay out if a terminal illness is diagnosed and you have a life expectancy of no more than 12 months.
  • 1Life Elevated covers you for R200 000 and upwards when you die. With 1Life Elevated you are able to increase your benefits as your needs change, in other words should you marry or have children. It also covers you immediately on your death and offers terminal illness cover. You can take the policy for specified years or as a whole life policy. The amount you are covered for will not change for as long as you are covered.

Disability Cover

This cover comes into play should you be left medically unfit to work. There is a choice of the type of disablement insurance which you may wish to take out, namely occupation based cover or event based cover.

  • Occupation-based disablement covers you immediately if you can no longer perform your job due to disablement. If this money is paid to you, your other policies will not be affected. It is level sum assured for 5 years before you become 65 or when you retire.
  • Event-based cover refers to a percentage being paid out depending on the nature of your disability. The payout is immediate and you have the option to increase cover while your policy is active. Other policies are not affected should you claim.

Dread Disease Cover

This cover pays out a portion of your cover should you suffer from a dread disease, have an organ transplant or a major operation . This cover does not affect other cover you may have and can be increased as your circumstance change. It can be taken out for whole life or for a set period.

Credit Life Cover

This cover pays out outstanding debt in the event of your death and is valid for the whole loan contact period or what is left of the contract.

Value Added Products

Expo-sure is a product that covers you in the unfortunate event of accidental exposure to HIV/Aids such as in the event of rape. 1Life Direct offers access to medical assistance and pays for some of the medical expenses including testing and counselling.

1Life Direct offers a comprehensive life product which understands your needs and that those needs may change over time, which may affect your policy. As a result your policy can change according to these needs. 1Life Direct covers all aspects of your life insurance needs and is easily accessible via the internet or their call centre. Make sure you are adequately covered by choosing 1Life Direct.

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