Metropolitan Life

Metropolitan Life has been in the investment and insurance business for over 100 years. Currently it's primary focus is on the lower to middle income groups. It operates in southern Africa and is one of the biggest groups in it's field. Although it offers a broad range of products including investment options and retirement annuities the focus here is on it's life insurance products.

It is important to understand the nature of the risk that requires you to take out life insurance. Nobody knows when they are going to pass away or maybe suffer a disability, which prevents them form working. Life insurance cover protects you and your loved ones financially should you no longer be able to provide for them.

Metropolitan Life offers affordable life cover which will ensure peace of mind in the unfortunate circumstance of the breadwinner no longer being able to provide an income for his or her beneficiaries. It covers death benefits as well as disability cover. It further provides funds for your children's education, it protects against dread disease, conserves business that may be threatened by the death of a partner, and provides money for mortgage payments and estate duties, debts and taxes.

Metropolitan life offers a product called Cover Provider which is a term product that is active for a set duration of the policy. The product is designed to reduce the cost of your premiums while maximising life cover. You are required to take a medical examination and there is no guarantee on being accepted.

Cover Provider also provides security for obtaining a bond or loan.

If you survive the term of the policy you will receive a payout provided there are funds left in the account and all costs, such as administration costs, have been covered..

There are supplementary benefits which you can add to your Cover Provider policy. There is a premium waiver should you become permanently disabled. This means that Metropolitan Life will continue to pay your premiums for the term of your policy. There is an accident benefit that provides a lump sum payout should you be involved in an accident and either die or become disabled. You can have a children's benefit or an adult benefit for funeral cover. Finally there is a co-insurance benefit which allows for cover on a spouse's life as well.

Metropolitan Life offers a number of benefits that can protect you from disability and death, thus taking care of the financial worries faced by those left behind.

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