Medscheme Life

The Medscheme Life Assurance company falls under the Medscheme group which was founded 35 years ago. Medscheme operates within South Africa as well as in Mauritius, Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland. as a healthcare administration, fiinancial services and health risk management group. Medscheme Life was formed in 2001 and serves a number of policy holders in South Africa. It is based in Johannesburg but makes use of the Medscheme group's country wide network.

The group offers a variety of packages including Individual Life packages, Group Voluntary packages and Group Compulsory packages.

Individual Life covers death, disability, loss of income and dread disease. These policies allow you to care for you beneficiaries should you pass away or no longer be fit to earn an income. The product is tailored to your specific needs. This also offers you retirement and saving plans to allow you to continue to live in the manner to which you are accustomed once you retire. It also allows you to grow your wealth through saving.

The Group Voluntary Package is aimed at umbrella schemes and employer groups. It offers simple versions of risk management such as funeral plans and accident plans.

The Group Compulsory Package offers risk benefits to the corporate market and other homogenous groups. This policy is tailored made to the specific group based on risk analysis and the needs of the particular group such as specialist industries. It include death benefits, disability and dread disease. There is also the option of voluntary top up cover.

Medscheme Life not only offers you life protection as an individual but offers group life packages as well which will allow you to take care of your employees' life insurance needs.

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