Discovery Life

Although Discovery began as a medical aid scheme, it has grown tremendously and now offers a broad spectrum of products, including Discovery Life. It is a well established and financially independent company that offers a myriad of insurance options.

At the centre of the Discovery Life suite of products is the Discovery Life Plan which offers your basic Life Insurance but this is supported by a number of other products which you can add to your basic policy. There are the Global Linkage and Future Funds which you can link to your policy in order to protect and enhance it. These products are linked to investments in the stock market. The funding plans can be taken on three tiers; namely the platinum, silver and gold levels. It further allows you to decide whether your want to fix your premiums or not, including the paid up and lock in options.

There is a health integrator product which links your life policy with Discovery's Vitality program. This will allow you to receive discounts on your Life Insurance premiums. If you integrate your life policy with your Discovery credit card you can enjoy further discounts on your premiums.

In order to protect you against any disasters resulting from a loss of steady income Discovery has a product called the Income Continuation Protector. Then there is the Discovery Card Protector which pays any outstanding balance you may have accumulated on your credit card and continues to pay crucial living expenses for a further 12 months.

There is also a Severe Illness Cover which covers all major health problems including that of your family and parents.

Finally, there is the Health Protector Plan. This product will cover your medical aid contribution in the event that you become unable to contribute.

As you can see Discovery Life has a complex and broad spectrum of insurance products which can protect you against a wide variety of situations.

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