Clientele Life

Clientele life listed on the JSE in September 1997. It runs from one location in Johannesburg through the use of the television, telephone and personal computer thus simplifying the insurance process and allowing easy access to all your life insurance needs. Clientele Life is a customer orientated company providing a competitive and comprehensive product to it's clients.

Clientele Life offers a number of products listed below-

Lasting Dignity Life Cash Back Plan

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 75 can apply for cover provided that you give a full declaration of health and are HIV negative. You can be insured for a sum ranging form R5000 to R200 000. This offers you immediate accidental death cover and cover for death by natural causes after one year. It is important to fully disclose any pre-existing condition when you apply for the policy as this may affect the payout. The Lasting Dignity Plan offers a cash back feature called the "Living Benefits" which sees you receiving a refund of your premiums after a certain amount of time for which you have the policy which means extra cash in your pocket which is always welcome.

Saver and Protection Plan

There are two parts to the Saver and Protection Plan one offers a savings option and the other protection benefits. The savings portion is just what it says , a means of saving you hard earned cash. The protection portion offers you accidental disability, accidental death, and dread disease cover.

Hospital Accident Plan

This product provides cash benefits on a daily basis should you be hospitalized after an accident. This allows you to have extra cash available to cover costs of travel, maintaining you household among other things should you be hospitalized. These are all things that are not covered by you medical aid. It is important to note that this is a heath insurance scheme and not a medical aid scheme.

Immediate Medical Response and Caretele

This product, in association with Medical Rescue International, provides you with immediate medical assistance anytime of the day or night. It covers guaranteed hospital admissions, medical advice over the phone, care of your children should you be involved in an accident. There is also home, road, tax and legal care available through this product.

As can be seen form the above Clientele Life offers a number of products to ensure the safety and care of you and your family in the event of both death and accident.

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