Functional Impairment Cover

In some cases you may find yourself in a situation in which you are injured or become ill and can still perform your work or another type of work but not at the same level as you did before the illness or injury. This is where functional impairment cover comes in. It differs from disability cover which will only pay out if you can no longer work and generate an income. With functional impairment cover being able to continue working does not count against you.

Say you develop a serious heart problem or become partially blind. These impairments may not stop you working all together but they will impact on your ability to perform your job, compared to the way you did before. Functional impairment cover can assist you by not penalizing you for being able to continue to generate an income but assist you with certain costs associated with your impairment. This type of cover can help pay for medical costs which may not be covered by you medical aid, or even the possible need for therapy. You may need to adapt your home to accommodate your impairment or hire help to perform tasks you are no longer able to perform and this can be claimed through functional impairment cover.

With this type of cover it is possible to receive a proportional payment depending on your needs at the time and the severity of your impairment. This will mean that you will receive a partial payout and allows you to claim more than once from your policy.

None of us know what the future holds and how our ability to work and generate and income may be affected. Functional impairment cover can provide peace of mind for just such an eventuality and is an important part of your insurance cover.

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