1st for Women

First for Women life insurance is aimed directly at the female market. As a company it understands the needs of women and the need to protect and care for your loved ones should you no longer be able to do so.

There are three types of life insurance cover offered by First for Women and these include Credit Life, Pure Life and Expo-Sure.

Credit Life Cover ensures that your loved ones are not left carry the burden of all your outstanding debts should you no longer be there to take care of them. The cover is immediate and it pays out short and long term debt such as you car and house. The payout of the loan is decreased the more of your loan that you pay off; this is called a decreasing sum assured product. It further offers disablement and dread disease cover. Should you become retrenched the policy will pay out R20 000 per month for up to 6 months to cover your expenses.

Pure Life Cover offers two products namely Basic Life Cover and Elevated Life Cover.

Basic Life covers the following :

  • a payout up to R200 000 to your beneficiaries
  • the amount you are insured for will not decrease for the duration of the policy; this is a level sum assured product
  • it can be taken for term or life
  • accidental death is covered straight away
  • if a terminal illness is diagnosed and you have less the 12 months to live the payout will be immediate.

Elevated Life Cover offers the above as well as the option to increase your cover as your lifestyle changes such as getting married or having children.

Should you become disabled and no longer able to perform you job First for Women offers Disablement Cover. This is in the form occupation based cover which covers you should you be unable to work at all and event based cover should you become partially disabled.

A Disablement Premium Cover will ensure that First for Women pays your insurance premiums, for up to 5 years, after a full payout has been made for Disablement.

Dread Disease Cover is also offered should you become ill with such diseases as cardio-vascular disease or cancer.

Expo-sure is a further product which covers you should you become exposed to HIV. It covers necessary medical care and counselling for you and family members. In the unfortunate event of a rape at home you will be paid out R2000 for security improvements.

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