Liberty Life

Liberty Life has been selling life insurance policies for the past 50 years and is one of the leading Insurance groups in South Africa. It is an ever expanding company aimed at providing domestic insurance as well as wealth generation.

Liberty Life offers a number of products to suite your individual needs.

Universal Life is a product which not only offers you individual risk protection but incorporates wealth and investment as well. Universal Life allows you to offset your costs in terms of your risk cover by income generated through the investment portion of your policy. You can choose the mix of investment vs risk cover that best suites your needs.

Lifestyle Protector is aimed at matching you changing financial needs. As you move through life your needs may vary and Lifestyle Protector can adapt to these needs. It covers four aspects namely Life Protection, Loss of Income Protection, Lifestyle Protection, and Policy Protection. Life Protection covers you dependants should you pass away and no longer be able to provide for them. Loss of Income Protection covers you should you become disabled and no longer able to earn an income. Lifestyle Protection covers you should you need to recover from a dread disease or a traumatic event. Finally, Policy Protection covers the risk of not being able to claim on your policy due to a temporary inability to cover your premiums or a change in health circumstances.

Liberty Life also offers other products to individuals, these include both investment solutions, helping you to grow and protect your wealth and retirement solutions to help when you no longer work and have a steady income to rely on.

Liberty Life has the experience and choice of products to help you receive the maximum benefit from your policy. It allows you not only peace of mind should you no longer be able to take care of your loved ones but also a means to generate and grow your wealth.

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