Regent Life Assurance

Regent Life Assurance has approximately 150 employees and operates in South Africa and Botswana. It concentrates mainly on credit life insurance as it relates to financing your car. Insurance is offered directly through the group, via the car dealerships and using their call centre.

Not only does Regent Life offer credit life insurance but it has other products available as well. These include individual life insurance, funeral cover, protection of your mortgage and various other financial solutions.

Credit Life Insurance covers the money owed on assets owned by the policy holder at his or her death. This prevents the added pressure of having to have one of your major possessions, namely your car, repossessed because you are no longer able to afford the payments on these items. This policy covers death, dread disease, permanent disability, and retirement.

Regent also offers a mortgage plan which covers the cost of your home repayments should you die or be faced with a disability that no longer allows you to generate an income.

Individual Life Cover is also available through Regent including the following:

  • Credit Life Cover
  • Famliy Funeral Plan
  • Consolidated Provider Plus
  • Education Provider Plus
  • Hospital Cash Provider
  • Retirement Annuity Provider Plus
  • Savings Provider Plus
  • Spouses Provider Plus

Regent Life offers a broad spectrum of policy that include both credit life cover and individual life cover. It allows its policy holders to sleep easier knowing that should something happen to them their loved ones will be taken care of whether it be the payment of money owed on your assets or cover of funeral costs and other financial payouts.

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