There are a number of investments and insurance products offered by Sanlam. Here , however, we will focus on those products which relate to life cover namely LifePower, and Risk Cover.

LifePower offers life cover to those who have HIV. It covers you whether your death is as a result of illness or accidental. In order for the cover to be in place it is necessary for you to be on Anti-Retroviral treatment. Following the treatment regime will allow an affordable rate with regard to your insurance premiums. LfePower will provide for your beneficiaries should you become disabled or pass away giving you peace of mind that, should you no longer be able to provide for them, your loved ones will be taken care of.. This product is managed by AllLife which is a market leader in the field of HIV life insurance.

Risk Cover come in the form of a product called Topaz Risk Cover. Many of us don't like to think of death but it is a reality and you need to be able to provide for those left behind, this is where Topaz Risk Cover comes in. It allows you to choose the type of cover that serves your specific needs and offers the following products:

  • Life Cover

    Life Cover pays for the many expenses that are incurred as the result of your death, such as funeral costs, executor fees, debts you may have, as well as daily living expenses.

  • Functional Impairment Cover

    This type of cover come into play when you suffer from a disability that limits your ability to work but does not completely prevent you from earning an income - hence the term functional impairment. It will cover costs that may be incurred as a result of your impairment. You may be able to receive a portion of your claim depending on your needs. This allows you to claim more than once should you need to.

  • Disability Cover

    Disability cover kicks in should your disability prevent you from earning an income. This cover should be able to pay for your everyday life expenses including medical costs. If you are declared unfit to work you will receive a lump sum payment to use for the above expenses. You can also add a waiver to your premium which will allow you to continue to receive the benefits of your death cover without having to pay the premiums yourself.

  • Accident Cover

    Accident cover provides insurance against injury or death as a result of an accident. This includes such costs as damage to your home or vehicle, therapy in the case of a traumatic event or even having to learn new skills to provide an income. Should you die in an accident this cover will provide an additional amount to your death cover and should you be disabled in some way a lump sum will be paid out to you.

  • Dread Disease Cover

    Dread disease cover pays you should you be affected by a serious disease that limits your ability to work. It covers such things as medical costs, medical care at home, childcare, and basic repayments such as your vehicle or home.

Sanlam Insurance offers a variety of options to protect you and your family in the event of disabilities or death. It is necessary for you to assess your needs and take out the cover that best provides for those needs.

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