Accident Cover

In today's world with high crime rates and many accidents on our roads it is important to have a policy in place that will be able to protect you should you unfortunately be involved in some form of accident. You may consider yourself a healthy person but that does not protect you from accidents. Accident cover comes into play when you are injured in some form of accident and you are declared medically unfit to work. This differs from disability cover which only kicks in should you become unable to continue to generate an income.

Being involved in an accident can be devastating enough without having to worry about the financial implications of such an accident. The medical costs alone can be crippling. You may loose a limb or partially loose your eye sight in an accident and this can mean added medical bills and on-going treatment which can become very expensive. For example you may require physical therapy or need to alter your home to accommodate your injury. Accident cover can help to pay for these needs.

Accident cover can work in two ways:

  • Should you die as a result of an accident your beneficiaries will be paid out an additional sum as death cover.
  • Should you be injured as a result of an accident you will be paid out a lump sum. Even if the injury is not completely devastating you will still receive a portion of your payout to cover costs. This refers to such things as a loss of hearing in an ear or partial loss of sight.

Many of us don't like to think of bad things happening to us such as being injured in a hijacking or car accident but unfortunately it is a reality of life that these things do happen. By taking out accident cover you are making such an incident easier to deal with by reducing the financial implications of such an event. It is important to consider accident cover as part of your overall insurance package.

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